Here are a few FACTS from Ardzinba’s bloody regime to clarify what is
 happening under his leadership.  On Dzidzaria Street, where I lived, 
almost every house had a victim of War Crimes.  My mother, which is a 
medical doctor, stayed in Sokhumi through August 1994, and here are some 
things she saw with her own eyes:

On September 27, 1993, a soldier threw a bomb in the house of Gulisa Kiria 
(58 Dzidzaria St), and he burned alive along with 7 civilians: Reno 
Khuntsaria, 9,  his mother – Dunia Danelia, 49, Rusiko Topuria, 23, her 
mother – Natela Topuria, 43, Gulisa Kiria, 32, her mother Ksenia Kiria, 
65.  Valia Abshilava, 80, Tkhilaia 75, Kukhaleishvili, 82, were 
exterminated on Oct. 1, 1993.  Valodia Kakulia, 62, Mania Vazha, 53, 
Khvitia Loren, 48, Emzar Baghaturia, were murdered in their own homes.  In 
December 1993, Roza Gvilava-Sigua was told by soldiers, to get out of her 
house and leave.  She went to Vladislav Ardzinba and asked for help.  
Shortly after that, she and her relative, E. Gugushvili were taken away 
from their house and murdered.  My own neighbor, Vitali Bganba (KGB-ian 
and a chief of the Security for V. Ardzinba), assaulted publicly Aliosha 
Goginava, 68. Then a gang tortured and killed him. Merab Mikava, 29, was 
exterminated in front of his parents, and the soldiers who killed him 
forced his mother to bury her son without crying, they told her if she 
cried they would kill her too!  Temur Kutarba, an Abhazian, was killed by 
an Adig Soldier in front of his children, for not being an active in 
killing Georgians.  V. Vadakaria, 23 and his Abhazian friend, who tried to 
defend him, both were killed.  Kako Baramia, 62 and his wife Nina, 60, 
were murdered brutally in July 1994 in front of their home.  Givi Zarkua, 
54, and Rezo Chkadue, 40, killed by Abkhazians in front of their homes.  
Natasha Ebanoidze, 90, beaten to death by Abkhazian’s in the front yard of 
her home.

This is just a short list of my dead neighbors, from Dzidzaria street, 
which is less than a half mile in a length.  None of these people fought 
or had done anything against anyone. They were just peaceful civilians, 
mostly Georgians. These witnessed examples will give an idea of what has 
been happening over the past years, and what a bloodthirsty criminal 
Ardzinba is.  I will relate later what my mother went through.